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Cool links in no particular order...

Americana-UK :
A wonderous site of blues, country and all sorts of malarkey...

Folk and Roots:
Some more support for folk and roots music

Home to the Raison d'Etre Collective, Lady Soul and the very fine Healer Selecta!

Ian Brennan :
Our main man in the states, he does wonderful things with musicians

MI7 :
An online music professionals community
Finding new sounds, all in the name of Joe Strummer, which is of course very fine indeed!

Alabama 3:
One fine band...yup!

Blues Matters Magazine:
UK Blues Music Magazine

Blues in London:
For things blues in London!

Slim Pickings :
Just so good, you have to listen to them!Sadly they are no more though... :o(

Iguana Studios :
Top blokes and a great studio!

The Big Untidy :
Cool internet Mag

John Meldrum :
Top fella who put up with us talking all sorts of shite

The Smoke Fairies :
Two gals singin' the blues like angels

The Truckin Lauras:
Bluegrass Hillbilly DJ gals!

Mat Gibson :
Rather damn fine music!

A fine night of country, go go go!

The Anchor Project:
Great things done for those in need...

Sam Scott-Hunter :
This man does fine photography, he did our new shots....

The Green Note :
Damn fine venue and serves good food too, a must.

Health & Happiness at The Social:
A great night in a cool venue!

Sense Magazine :
Art, Music and all things like that, well worth a look!

The Country Start Page :
For all things country, and a bit of blues too...

Jubilee Debt Campagne :
A worthy cause, no doubt about it...

Smallfish-Online :
All sorts of malarkey going on here.. art, music, writing...the lot...

The Electroacoustic Club :
Excellent venue, reccomended for a visit.

Over Yonder on WTBU Radio :
Cool radio station in Boston Early 2006 shows

Over Yonder on WTBU Radio :
Cool radio station in Boston later 2006 shows

Tsunami Relief Effort
A good thing still being done...

Banjo Stuff
Excellent banjo stuff and things...

A community for bands, musicians, and music-lovers.

Married to the Sea
Oh yeah!